Manufacturing and maintenance of industrial shredders

From the preliminary study to after-sales follow-up, PRECIMECA is the long-term partner of your shredding projects.


and its
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PRECIMECA was founded in 1973 to provide maintenance services on crushers for animal co-products. This historic activity continues today with the manufacture and after-sales service of crushers, graders and choppers for the food industry in France and abroad.

At the same time, new products have been developed and PRECIMECA now offers a complete range of shredders and rotary shears for the treatment and recycling of waste (bulky items, industrial waste, hazardous waste) and provides recognized expertise in the shredding of tires. used.

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PRECIMECA is a company focused on technique and continuous improvement.


It is our knowledge of our clients 'business sector that allows us to interpret, and sometimes to anticipate, our clients' need to work over the long term in a relationship of mutual trust.


The customer is at the center of the organization, everything is done to understand and meet their needs

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