Manufacturer of Mobile & Stationary Scrap Tire Shredders


PRECIMECA was founded in 1974 in Toulouse, France dedicated to design & maintain industrial SHREDDERS.

Soon, the company directed its activities towards the industrial Waste sector and the SCRAP TIRE (or End of Life Tire) recycling equipments.

Tire chips are commonly used  :

- as Alternative Fuels (Tire Derived Fuel) in Cement Plants Precalciners, Pulp & Paper mills, electric utilities,..

- as Tire Derived Aggregates for a wide range of construction applications (lightweight fill, thermal insulation, vibration attenuation, drainage layers,..)

- in Pyrolysis & Thermolysis processes to produce oil,..


PRECIMECA supplied its first heavy-duty Tire Shredders in Europe in the 90's, and then in Mexico, India, Africa, Asia, etc.

As a True Specialist of TIRE SHREDDING EQUIPMENT, PRECIMECA business is continously growing on a global basis, often thanks to recommendations from existing customers.

Specifically designed, engineered and manufactured for SCRAP TIRES, PRECIMECA offers a range of robust stationary or mobile Tire Shredders.

Whether primary or secondary, PRECIMECA shredders are recognised for their unique CLEAR CUT, a low running cost and the regular Innovations implemented.

The PRECIMECA range of RASPERS has also been enhanced to optimize the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) for a demonstated reduced running cost.

Today PRECIMECA offers turnkey tire shredding installations to last for decades, maintenance and wear parts solutions to customers worldwide.